A spiritual retreat is an empty space, a pause, to open the doors to self-knowledge and align with our deep being. Far from habits and distractions, one can dive inside and observe a gentle personal transformation.

A collective retreat is enriching through the mirror offered by other participants. We get to know ourselves mainly through relationships. A group of people in search of love and truth is a great opportunity to face who we really are and to let go of the veils.

It is a matter of healing the soul from its wounds and freeing it from its veils: selfishness, ignorance, violence, desires, frustrations, false identification, denial, etc. The soul is thus soothed and polished like a mirror. We discover our true spiritual nature and enter the life of love and joy.

Spiritual retreats are open to anyone who has a sincere quest for the Divine, regardless of their path.

For dates, please see our calendar and the calendar of Aya Annika Skattum.