Mireille Akouala is a Franco-Congolese theologian and preacher. She was born in Congo-Brazzaville. She was a pastor in the Reformed Church of France, the main historic Protestant Church in France which, in 2013, merged with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of France to form the United Protestant Church of France.

As a theologian and believer, Mireille Akouala apprehends spiritual questions and the dialogue of cultures and religions. Living together in peace and fraternity is at the heart of her commitment and of her Christian witness. She is part of the GAIC (Islamo-Christian Friendship Group) and the association “Liberty of Judaism”.

Author of “Faith and Kôngo theology: a legacy to pass on”, a book devoted, among other things, to the beginning in the 15th and 16th centuries of an interreligious dialogue between the monotheistic Kôngo faith, Bantu faith, and the Christian faith. Mireille Akouala, who is of Kôngo culture, shows that Kôngo Christianity is a syncretism between an African faith and Western Christianity.

She speaks and sings in interfaith concerts in her capacity as a professional singer (classical and gospel).