Writer, poet, novelist, engaged in the dialogue of cultures and religions, matters that he addresses in conferences, seminars, in interventions on the radio, on TV and in his books: “Le Coran déchiffré selon l’amour”, 2ème éd, et Erick Bonnier : 2015. “Entre les lignes du temps”, poésies bilingues, éd du cailloutis, 2011, “L’Enfant voyageur”, roman, Le Bas vénitien, 2011, “Quand s’exhale Ton parfum”, bilingue d’«instantanés spirituels», les Deux océans, 2015.

He sustains the spiritual sharing between different world visions through two circles given at Forum 104 in Paris “Inter-conventional spiritual itineraries” and “Quest for meaning and citizen engagement” and through two walks: one in Chartres for the 9th year, “In the footsteps of the Virgin Marie” and the other in Paris for the 5th year : “in the footsteps of Emir Abdelkader and brother François”.