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Thaï yoga massage

Nuad Boran tradition, Northern style

You’ll be massaged on a mattress on the floor, wearing comfortable clothes, and then you’ll just need to leave it up to gravity.

Thai yoga massages combine soft flowing stretches and pressure with the hands, the feet.. to defreeze your energetic lines. A massage between both persons is never the same, depending on the receiver, the giver, and just the present moment. It aims to reach a full body relaxation and a peaceful state of mind, while deep therapeutic effects keep being felt for several days.

« It was truly the perfect experience with Marie, as she combines both a very sensitive understanding of the body, how to relieve pressure, and how to make you feel completely comfortable and relaxed during the experience. » (Abdel Karim Fathy, Cairo)

To know more about Marie Moisan or to discover her in action, you can watch her video.

Place : Espace Sattva (Place Clichy, Paris)

Contact :

Drop-in sessions : 45 mn for 50€ / 1 hour and 1/2 for 75€

Pass of 4 massages (1 hour and 1/2) : 200€

Reductions and promotions upon demand