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Marie Moisan

Growing up with Circus Arts from her early age, Marie Moisan has been exploring various types of body expressions, such as oriental and contemporary dance. She performed in shows in Paris and Cairo and likes to lead dance activities, for kids and adults. Wishing to go to the roots of a deeper unity between body and mind, she dances under the guidance of May Kazan (structures framing the body within time and space as a training for the dervish whirling), since 2010.

In Cairo where she has been living for 8 years, she has been initiated in Thai yoga massages (Nuad Boran) thanks to the impulse of Hana Holdijk, who trained and certificated her in 2014. She developped there a subtile touch related to other body works (QiGong, Taiji), in dedication to the person she follows up.

Now in Paris, she goes on practicing her Thai yoga massages with a lot of joy.

To discover her in full action of sharing and relaxation, you can watch her video.