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Instructional videos: Parle-moi d’Islam

Kahina Bahloul

Born in a family of various origins rooted in the monotheistic Abrahamic religions, the spiritual quest of Kahina Bahloul has been enriched since childhood by the diversity that has also awoken in her the desire to build bridges in order to see the realization of the divine Unity.

Engaged in the inter-religious dialogue and in the battle against discourses of hatred and radicalization on the Internet and in social networks, she intervenes in conferences, on the radio and TV on themes related to Islam, Sufism and the women in Islam.

She is the president and one of the speakers of the association Talk to me about Islam: pedagogic videos on the Internet, about Islam, secularism, living together, etc.

She animates the circles “Stories of the Prophets” at the head of the Sufi Alawya association AISA in Drancy close to Paris and “Wisdom of the Prophets” at the House of Peace in Paris.

She is a jurist, working in the social economy.