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Clara Murner

Arabist, she studied classical Arabic at INALCO (where she obtained a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature) and Islamic science at l’E.P.H.E (Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes, 5th section, religious Studies with M. Monot and M. P. Lory). She is currently in her second year master’s degree with M.E. Geoffroy at the University of Strasbourg.

A translator, she has translated from Arabic to French the works of Khalîl Gibran and other Sufi poets like Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba (founder of the Mouridiyya tariqa).

By walking the Sufi path for more than 30 years, she has immersed herself in the Sufi doctrine taught by the great Masters of this spiritual tradition, such as Catherine Delorme, Sheikh Khaled Ben Tounès and Sheikha Nur Artiran.
In 1990, she met Eva de Vitray Meyeroviych, Persianist and researcher at the CNRS, as she had just published her “Chant du cygne”: The Mathnawi of Rumî. She is a regular participant in the study circles of the Mathnawi.

As a militant for togetherness, she hosts the broadcast “Transméditerranée” on a peripheral radio; she is a member of “Réserve Citoyenne de l’Education Nationale” and she regularly gives lectures.