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Workshop with Nadia M. Sidhoum

To write is to voyage, to share, to explore our universes; at times it is an arduous climb, at others, it’s an easy stroll … When we write, we liberate …. The words are within us, asking to be let out, asking to be written.


Voyages and encounters in time and space, between cultures and epochs, the internal voyage, are at the heart of our writing workshops … What are we searching for? Why? How?
We will be journeying towards an encounter with ourselves and with the world, towards the core of what matters, towards a voice or several, through the intersecting of our outlooks, our life experiences. We will take time to share our wanderings and our exiles, our quests, our adventures, our challenges, our encounters.

We will progress together, sharing all the while, from stage to stage: the stages of age, the stages of our successive rootings in this life… At our own speed, with no obligations, enjoying the pleasure of writing and the pleasure of encountering others, and ourselves.

We can also make things up – everything, or just some parts. All genres, whims, styles are welcome. The writing in itself is simply a pretext, a trigger, a means of freeing our voice and letting our “pen” or keyboard lead us in a remembrance or a fiction, for the pleasure of telling it, reading it, sharing it.


You don’t need to have written before, to participate in this workshop. You just have to want to be there.

The dynamic generated by the group constitutes a force that drives our desire to write. If you have never written and are tempted by this adventure, if already write and want to continue, to be stimulated by the energy of a shared adventure, then this workshop is for you!

For more information or to sign up, write to Nadia:

Cost of workshop: 20€ for members / 25€ for non-members