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The Divine reveals itself spontaneously to the human soul. Nothing can keep it from doing so. Man’s duty is simply to be prepared for this revelation and to be ready to welcome it. In Sufism, this work is called “polishing.” It’s about healing one’s soul from its wounds and freeing it of its veils; selfishness, ignorance, violence, cravings, frustration, false identification, denial, etc… Through the process, our soul is appeased and polished like a mirror, or a diamond. We discover our true spiritual nature and enter the life of love and joy.
In these retreats, we propose an initiation to the Sufi methods of “polishing,” based on the recitation of divine names (Dhikr), with an intensive practice, as well as spiritual guidance. The retreat is open to anyone who is on a sincere quest for the Divine, no matter which path you have chosen.
The Sufi retreats are lead by Sufi guides, including  Fawzia Al Rawi, Kheireddine Badawi, Amat-un-Nur Naila Hayat Noor Tiwana et Eric Geoffroy.

To see the dates of upcoming retreats, consult our Calendar.