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A holistic and humanistic approach allowing a realignment of your body, mind and soul

Aya Annika Skattum trained as a Transpersonal therapist as well as an Art and Dance therapist. She has been initiated in Reiki and other oriental healing techniques, as well as numerous forms of meditation. Before her encounter with Sufism, her spiritual path included Buddhist, Yogic and Taoist exploration.

Sessions are held at the House of Peace, 4 rue Tivoli à Houilles (78).
They last 90 minutes and cost 75€
To make an appointment, call : 06 22 74 44 37

« True beauty is those rays that emanate from the sacred depths of our soul and illuminate our body on the outside, like the life that springs forth from a seed and gives color and perfume to a flower. » Khalil Gibran

A session may be experienced as a guided meditation, with the therapist offering a trained ear, an active and supportive presence, an intuitive and connected touch and an understanding of those broadened states of consciousness that allow us to get in touch with our true nature.

We use the thoughts, emotions, and the body’s wisdom to reach that part of you that seeks freedom, happiness and peace. It is by walking in this direction that our fears, our wounds, and our pains become our allies on the path to liberation and our divine potential.

A session lasts 90 minutes, including a time for talking at the beginning and the end. During the rest of the session, you are seated or lying down, in a state of welcoming what is. With the help of conscious breathing, touch, deep listening and reciting of the Divine Names, we voyage together towards that spark of life that inhabits the heart of every being.