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The goal and the ethics of these exchanges: the goal is neither to convert anyone to God, nor to Islam. Rather, the guide seeks to share the spiritual treasures that are part of the Koranic message, with anyone who is looking for meaning in their life. We will focus on the essentials: trusting one’s own experience, opening to the experience of others, widening our field of interpretation …

Whom? Anyone who is on a spiritual path, whether agnostic or related to a religious tradition.

How? Far from teaching a class, the guide will share his knowledge of Arabic and the Koranic texts (certain terminology and verses will be explored) with participants.

  1. Using Koranic terms, exploring the different connotations and then situating them in the text.
  2. Finding commonality between our own rich inner lives and experiences, and the semantic riches of selected Arabic terms and verses.
  3. Arabic speakers, whether their knowledge is rudimentary or advanced, will enjoy the experience of using the language in a new light. As for non-Arabic speakers, you will still be able to fully access the depth of the vocabulary, while enjoying the awakening pleasures of discovering this language.

Note : please bring your Koran (whether in Arabic or French)

For the sharing of a snack, please bring a contribution.

This meeting will take place once a month. See the Calendar for dates.

Please sign up by email: