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Meditations and healing practices for women

The practices we propose in the Circle are all based on the principle of Oneness, on the interdependence of all creation and on our connection with the One.

All forms of illness come from separation, from forgetting our Oneness. When screens enter our body, soul and spirit, it affects our physical, psychological and emotional health. Internal separation manifests itself externally and translates to solitude, isolation and lack of belonging. Without a connection to the Divine, we are lost and confusion enters our hearts.

Illness is an opportunity that is given to us as an invitation for transformation. If you are well -guided, it can be an opening to compassion; vulnerability allows us to unveil our treasures and healing allows us to find our real place in this life.

The practices we propose help us to find the connection that is essential to healing:

•    meditation
•    reciting the Divine Names
•    conscious breathing
•    touch
•    movement
•    voice work

The Circle is guided by Aya Annika Skattum.